Courland SIG #Courland #Latvia Re: Material from Libau/Liejapaja #courland #latvia


Harold Arkoff and others are interested in what material is coming through
from Libau. First, we have about 1,000 entries >from the Libau cemetery
records which will be coming on line in August and are nearly complete. I
can't yet do personal look ups but there won't be much longer to wait.
Arlene Beare has already mentioned the prospect of the passport application
lists which will be in the pipeline with a target date of say February/March
of next year.
In the meantime we have several hundred pages of voters records >from Libau
which are being professionally scanned for onward transmission to volunteers
for transliteration >from cyrillic to "English". I anticipate that the work on
the voters lists will take, provided we can have more volunteers, about 3/4
months. Together these should provide material of high quality for the

There is also splendid material >from business book records donated by Paul
What we need is a real push >from volunteers to process this material. We
provide backup and support, and without the volunteers we have had there
would be no database.
Hope this helps. We try hard to keep the database in balance so that there
is good coverage of all areas. I am going to Latvia to look for more material
in October. For now we need men/women hours.
So, any volunteers?
Constance Whippman, Database and Volunteer co-ordinator

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