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I am reading and reading and cannot believe my eyes, being a litwak myself
and in addition to that a kurland I cannot see a single kurland in the mail
only >from Riga which not Kurland or Courland it's Latvia and never was
Kurland. I understand that it's good to be a Courlandian still Riga is
outside the borders of Kurland and even now in Latvia this region is called
Kurzeme which is in a sense in Latvian Kurland. Kurs never lived beyond the
territory outlined beyond current Kurzeme and therefore it's Riga. So if
someone feels that he is >from Kurland being born in Finland because it ends
the same way he is probably has more rights since the Kurs and Finns are
almost like brothers and sister. In 13 century German Teutonic Knights
pouched all kurish tribes out of Kurland since it was very good area for
German resorts and the rest is a history, similar way German Teutonic knights
pushed out original Prussian tribes at the same time in history. So Kurzeme
is a history and now you know why Kurland does not exist as independent state
since the original people of that land do not live there anymore. They were
related to Lithuanians and Latvians and made the same group of languages and
before they were related to Finnish Uygur group of languages afterwards
absorbing Lithuanian and Latvian similarities. Kurland is world famous for
Amber and Courland Sound in Baltics renamed in honor of Kursk Battle in world
war two as Kursk Sound is famous for it's ice free environment throughout the
winter unlike Riga Sound. The main Russian oil terminal which is used for
shipping Russian oil to foreign countries is located in the town of Ventspils
were my grandmother Fiega Aronowitz was born in 1885 and lived until 1896 for
Vilna the birthplace of her father with her two sisters and mother and
father. She lived in Vilna until 1906-07 when she met my grandfather in
Minsk, Belarus and married there. She professionally worked in her business
until Bolshevik revolution and later continued to work out of her house until
World War Two. Living her eldest daughter with three grandsons and her
husband behind she evacuated to Ufa, Urals during world war two and spent
there all war. After the war she returned to Minsk with my mother and my
brother she found out that all three grandchildren had been killed by Germans
two in gas vans(gassed) and one shot by firing squad. My grandfather together
with my aunt was killed in gas van(gassed).After this she lived in Minsk
until I was born in 1952 after my birth she spent remaining years of her life
educating me in Kurische traditions. I was named Boris after my late dead
grandfather Berk Kaufman. So I feel being kurlandische not only by my roots
but by my kurische education. Not to many people can claim this. That is why
I know the difference being born in Riga or anywhere else including Poland.
Same applies to everybody. Enjoy reading this material, Bye.

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