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Harold Arkoff wrote:

I, too, have some old documents that shows my grandfather, Abram
Berelovitch Lurie (Lurye) lived on an Estate in Latvia >from 1878 til 1894,
The Post-Drogen estate in the Hasenpoth district of sbdistrict of Kalvene. I
have been told it is now called LielDrogas or Atzele. He was a shochet.
(Yevreyskiy reznik). Does anybody know or where can I find out more about
POst-Drogen estate, etc. Who owned it? How big was it? Also mentioned in
the documents are several peasants "Fritz Fritzev Veidman" and Klav Andreyev
Zivert". Also farms "Adzel" and "Shadin". Also "Andrey Girtov Senit" and
his farm "Svaya". Are any of these places familiar to anybody. Thanks.
I must apologize for not answering sooner, Harold! I was too involved in
family affairs. I beg your pardon.

Post-Drogon was a former Knight's estate. In German, it was in the Kalwen
area which was in the Kreis Hasenpoth, Aizpute area of today. The community
today is called Kalvenes in Latvian. Lieldroga is the name of the specific
estate today, but I could find no note of something called Atzele. It was
not one of your larger estates. Perhaps if you wrote to the Archives, they
might know something specific about the estate in your grandfather's day.
I wish I could help you more!


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