Courland SIG #Courland #Latvia "Riga Kurlander Verein" and the unbalanced work load #courland #latvia

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

It is hard for me to believe that only four of you are willing to do the
grunt work on locating and copying Kurlander burial sites in the world.
That is not enough to get the project off the ground. Are the rest of you
waiting for someone else to do the work and post it so that you can reap
the benefits? Everyone wants to find his family's information up on the
internet, but how do you think those details get there? Some of us have
sacrificed countless hours and enormous amounts of money to make our
Courland/Latvia website excellent and informative. Do the rest of you
think that happens by magic? And if the few of us who are doing all the
work burn out, where will that leave the rest of you? Will you grumble
then about having so little on the website? Or about the website not having
been updated in so long? It galls me to see how willing most of you are to
sit back and let someone else do the work or donate their hard earned
dollars/pounds/shekels to our projects when you do nothing to enjoin us and
use the information for your own genealogy without somehow pitching in. All
the energy that we dedicate to the general good of Courlanders and Latvians
we have to steal >from our own personal genealogy research and our families.
Wouldn't you think that more of you would be grateful and dedicate a little
of your energies and money to help us? I would like to know why you aren't
knocking down our doors in an effort to share the burden...

Your comments, donations and offers of help are always welcome!

Martha Levinson Lev-Zion, in Omer, Israel

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