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MishkinMA <MishkinMA@...>

I do not often correspond with this group, however I feel compelled to do so
in this case simply to validate Martha's message. Although I volunteered
and participated in a transliteration project this past fall, I certainly
have not invested as much as I have withdrawn >from the "genealogy bank
account" here, and frankly, some of us probably needed a scolding to dust
off our collective conscience. Sometimes direct and passionate feedback is
just what the doctor ordered.
Marty Mishkin
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

PANZ/PANTZ/PANCZ (Liepaja, Grobina, Griva, Daugavpils, Riga)
GOLDBERG (Liepaja, Grobina, Riga)

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Gee, Martha, you surely do sound angry. You're probably right, but I
think that all that anger will get us anywhere, except make everyone angry
with you.

Now, where were we?


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