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Betsy Gephart <bgephart@...>

Several years ago, while I was a student at the University of Michigan, I
found a book in the library there about Kurland. I had it photocopied, and
unfortunately, it still remains in my "archives" untranslated. It is a 225
page book, written in German, about the geography, demographics, etc. of
late 19th-century and early 20th -century Kurland.

Here are the details:
"Kurland: Eine allgemeine Siedlungs-, Verkehrs- und Wirtschaftsgeographie"
by Dr. F. Mager, published in Hamburg, 1920 by L. Friederichsen & Co.

It includes several photos, maps and numerous tables which detail the makeup
of the population by religion, occupation, etc. A brief outline of the
table of contents includes (>from my very basic translation):
1. Introduction: Short historical survey
2. Natural conditions (location, climate, vegetation, landscape, etc.)
3. Population
4. Settlements
5. Transportation
6. Economic conditions - Agriculture, Land Management, Trade and Industry,
each with its own section
4. Bibliography

While the text seems to be pretty dry, and there are no names or families
mentioned, it would be an interesting text to have as background for those
of us interested in the area. If anyone is able and interested in
translating part of it, I would be more than happy to copy and send a
chapter or two along, or for that matter the whole thing if anyone is that

If you'd like more information, please let me know.

Betsy Thal Gephart

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