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Rochelle Kaplan <rokap@...>

I checked out this site. Are you aware of good genealogists or sleuths
living in Riga whose services I might use to go through archives? Please
advise. Thanks.

Rochelle Kaplan

*** For recommendations of private genealogists, please reply to Rochelle
PRIVATELY at <rokap@...>. You can also get information directly
from the Archives in Riga without the services of a private genealogist.
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Subject: Courland -> Kolonia Lvovo, Kherson, Ukraine (1840)
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 14:54:53 -0800 (PST)


I am one of the researchers of Kolonia Lvovo, Kherson, Ukraine. It is
located on Dneiper River between Kakhovka and Kherson. It was established
around 1841 by Jews >from Courland and existed for a 100 years as a Jewish
Shtetl. There is more information at

We have an 1877 map with about 90 houses. We have recently added
translations at which
include about 85 surnames.

Latvian Archives helped trace two families that moved >from Courland to
around 1840. K(O)ENIG(S)FEST family came >from Hasenpoth (now Aizpute) and
ABRAMSON family came >from Bausk. A search of All-Latvia Database produced
lot of matches between surnames in Courland and Lvovo.

If you are researching Courland area you should probably check our list of
surnames, as many family moved to Kherson colonies >from Courland. We are
looking for more links between Lvovo and Courland.



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