Courland SIG #Courland #Latvia Re: Books and papers on Simon Isaak Blumenfeld #courland #latvia

Ella Perla <eperla@...>

Try contacting the UCLA Special Collections library.
I borrowed an out of print German book >from their
special collections via an interlibrary loan.
--- Sonia Nayle <> wrote:

Please can anyone help me obtain any of the
following materials on Simon
Isaak Blumenfeld of Mitau:

- A copy of Reuben Joseph Wunderbar's Geschichte
der Juden in der
Provinzen Liv- und Kurland.

- Wunderbar also wrote about him in Geschichte
der Juden in
Literaturblatt des Orients in 1849,
No. 39.

- Ben Jacob, Ozar ha-Sefarim, p.289.

- Issue No 71 of Der Hamburger Zeitung vom 4th
September 1825.

Thank you,

Sonia Nayle
Woodland Hills, CA

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