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Hello Listeners!

Searching for surname:

I found the following informations on a passengerlist regarding the =
German-Russians to America volumes which cover Russian immigrations to =
the U.S. for the years 1875-1889.=20

Arrived with the ship "Switzerland" >from Antwerp to New York on Apri 5,l =
MILWERTZ, Wilhelm, age 42, farmer,=20
BODEWIN, Elisabeth, age 41, wife
MIHLWERTZ, Jean, age 11 (male)
" , Ludwig, age 10
" , Virginea, age 8
" , Marie, age 4
" , Gireth, age .01, infant (female)
I have already checked the original passengerlists which has RUSSIA as =
the country of origin of this family.

This means that they as socalled German-Russians must have come >from =
LATVIA, LITHUNIA or/and COURLAND because of the progroms of 1882.

In fact the first names do sound to me like they are Latvian (Lettland) =
of Kurland. This was an area of extensive German immigration by the =
Deutsche Ritterorden, and it would be quite easy to mix Russian, =
Bohemian, French, and Germans because the D.R. brought colonists >from =
all those places into their landholdings in Latvia and Kurland.=20

The spelling of the surname as MI(H)LWERTZ may indicate that it =
originally has been spelled MUEHLWERTZ.

Wilhelm MILWERTZ born around 1840
Elisabeth BODEWIN born around 1841
The boyd JEAN born around 1871
The girl LUDWIG born around 1872
The girl VIRGENEA born around 1874
The girl MARIE born around 1870
The babygirl GIRETH born just before the departure or during the journey =
across the Atlantic (Hope the little girl made it!)

According to some family tradition they may have been Slavic-Jews and =

Any hint would be great about useful censuses, taxations etc. >from the =
areas mentioned and >from this particular time period.

Thank you.
Best wishes
Aage Skjelborg
3223 Sandefjord

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