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David Crook <CROOKFAMILY@...>

I would be most interested in seeing the tombstones, as my father-in-law's
parents came >from Talsi. I am able to read and translate Hebrew, Yiddish and
German, so perhaps I can help in translations.

David Crook,

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Would someone on this listserv be interested in the information on the
gravestones of the Talsi, Latvia Jewish cemetery? A professor from
University in Great Britain and I have had recent correspondence. He has
photographs of all the legible gravestones. I am not very computer
nor am I able to translate >from Hebrew, Latvian,Yiddish and German which
on the stones but I thought someone on the Latvian list serv would be
willing to look at the photos, translate and know how to post the
information to the JewishGen site. I don't think there are many stones
so it is a relatively small project.

Please contact me if interested or perhaps let me know who else would like
this information.

Louise Hayden
New York

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