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While I was browsing through the Jewish Records in the FHL catalogue
on CD-ROM, I found these titles relevant to our SIG. Those of you who
have access to an FHL might want to check them out. Any of you who
both have access and are willing to database the relevant films so
that we could post the database on our website, please contact me so
that we can arrange a work schedule without overlaps. Help us to
help you - Volunteer!!!


TITLE Akten, 1926 - 1941
SUMMARY Records of the German Embassy in Riga, Latvia. Includes
registration lists of Germans in Latvia, draft candidates, Moravian
and Bohemian Jews living in Latvia, German Jews living in Latvia,
Jews who have withdrawn their German citizenship, visa denials,
citizenship cancellations, matters relating to specific individuals,
and Passport registers.
LOCATION Germany - Latvia, Riga - Russia, Livonia, Riga -
Naturalization and citizenship - Public records
=46ILM 1865215 Item 14
Meldebl=E4tter von in Lettland lebenden deutschen Staatsangeh=F6rigen
1938-1940 A - Bielenstein
=46ILM 1865216
Birkenthal - Kroeger
=46ILM 1865217
Kroepsch - Schubert
=46ILM 1865218
Sch=FCler - Zoch Meldebl=E4tter von in Lettland lebenden wehrpflichtigen
Personen deutscher Staatsangeh=F6rigkeit, A - Z 1938-1939
=46ILM 1865219
Meldebl=E4tter von in Lettland lebenden Deutschen aus dem Sudetengau
und dem ehemaligen Protektorat B=F6hmen und M=E4hren A - Z 1938-1939 A -
Z 1939-1940 Meldebl=E4tter Juden aus B=F6hmen und M=E4hren A - Z 1938-1940
Meldebl=E4tter der deutschen Juden in Lettland A - Rubinstein 1939-1941
=46ILM 1865220
Ruschkewitz - Z, 1939-1941 Meldebl=E4tter von Juden, die verzogen sind
oder die deutsche Staatsangeh=F6rigkeit aufgegeben haben A - Z
1938-1939 Suchlisten, Verweigerungen von Sichtvermerken A - Raab,
Maria 1934-1939
=46ILM 1865221
Raab, Maria - Z, 1934-1939 Aberkennungen der d. Staatsangeh=F6rigkeit
1934-1939 Ausb=FCrgerungslisten (Nr. 136-206) 1939-1941 Antr=E4ge auf
Entlassung 1938-1940 Angelegenheiten einzelner Personen 1938-1940
Pa=DFb=FCcher 1926-1929
=46ILM 1865222 Item 1
Pa=DFb=FCcher 1929-1934
TITLE Baltische Schicksale : im Spiegel der Geschichte einer
kurl=E4ndische Familie, 1756 bis 1919
SUMMARY History of Kurland with specific reference to some of the
descendants of Heinrich Ernst Seraphim (1718-1797), a German Jew who
settled in Kurland in 1756. Kurland later became part of Latvia.
LOCATION Russia, Courland - Jewish history
Latvia - Jewish history
BOOK 929.24743 Se65s
TITLE Evrei v Daugavpilse : istoricheskie ocherki
SUMMARY History of the Jews in Dvinsk (Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Russia; now
Daugavpils, Latvia.
LOCATION Latvia, Daugavpils - Jewish history
Russia, Vitebsk, Dvinsk (Dvinsk) - Jewish history
BOOK 947.43/D1 F2e
TITLE Fragments of the Jewish history of Riga : a brief guide-
BOOK with a map for a walking tour
LOCATION Latvia, Riga - Church directories - Maps
BOOK 947.43/R1 F2f
TITLE Geschichte der Juden in Riga : bis zur Begr=FCndung der
Rigischen Hebr=E4ergemeinde im J. 1842
SUMMARY The history of the Jews in Riga until the establishment of a
Jewish congregation in 1842.
LOCATION Russia, Livonia, Riga - Jewish history
Latvia, Riga - Jewish history
BOOK 947.43/R1 F2b
=46ILM 1183577 Item 6
TITLE Olschwanger journal
SUMMARY Periodical for the interchange of genealogical data and
history of the Olschwanger (and variant spellings) who descended >from
Rabbi Yehoshua Olschwanger >from the town of Alschwangen, in the
courland region of Latvia. Rabbi Yehoshua fled >from Latvia in one of
the expulsions of the Jews in the 18th century, and settled in
Kretinga (Lithuania), about 3 miles >from the German border. Some
descendants moved to Sunderland (England), and others to Russia.
=46ocus is on his great- grandson, Elias Olschwanger, who immigrated
from Hamburg (Germany) to New York ca. 1888, and then to Missouri
Came with: The Olschwanger family tree, vol. 3.
LANGUAGE English, Yiddish, Polish, Russian, German
BOOK 929.27305 OL8
TITLE These names accuse : Nominal list of Latvians deported to
Soviet Russia in 1940-1941
SUMMARY Material taken >from vital records showing lists of Latvian
nationals who were deported to camps in the Soviet Union at the time
Latvia became part of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.
LOCATION Latvia - History- Holocaust
Latvia - Jewish history
World War, 1939-1945 - Deportations >from Latvia
=46ILM 1183655 Item 2
Martha Levinson Lev-Zion, PhD
President SIG Latvia

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