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Posthumus, Paul <P.Posthumus@...>

Dear researchers,

I'm new to this forum, below i will explain my interest.

I'm doing some research for a friend of mine, Miriam Bartelson >from The
Netrherlands. Her ancestors come >from the region of Belarus, Poland, Latvia,
see below. Any help is appreciated.

Ancetors of Miriam Ester Bartelson

Miriam Ester BARTELSON (7 Niesan 5736, Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Mother: Esther Aaronna LEVITOVITZ (or any other spelling) (15 Chesjwan 5708,
Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Maternal grandfather: Schnuer Zalman LEVITOVITZ (or any other spelling) ( 12
Niesan 5658, Riga)
Maternal grandmother: Sore (Sarah) Hindele GOLDSTEIN (18 Sjewat 5664, Dantsk
(Gdansk, Danzig))

Father of Schnuer Zalman: Aaron Samuel LEVITOVITZ (or any other spelling) (4
Siwan 5618, Kosewe)
Mother of Schnuer Zalman: Esther Chaje ALTER (5 Tammoez 5622, Zechlin)

Father of Sore (Sarah) Hindele: Zelig GOLDSTEIN (8 Tisjri 5621, Laskarew)
Mother of Sore (Sarah) Hindele: Miriam Perl ISSERLES (4 Kislew 5628, Torne)

As you can see all dates are "jewish" and probably the names of the towns
are jiddish shtetl-names, or old European names.

This is all the data i have. I would be interested in all kind of
information about this people, their relatives (ancestors and descendants)
and the towns they lived in. Please see if you can relate some of this
persons to other family-trees.

Regards, Miriam, Judith, Paul

Researching: ALTER, GOLDSTEIN, ISSERLES, LEVITOVITZ (or any other spelling),

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