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I am happy that Louise mentioned that I am trying to translate and
transliterate the tombstones of some of the Talsen gravestones. Being
a perfectionist, I didn't want to release the material until it was
complete to the best of my ability. But it isn't fair to withhold the
material until then. So, although I will not post it to our website
until I am satisfied with the translations, I am posting the
translations here, such as they are, so far. Please do not hold me to
these translations as final or complete. Far >from it!! This is my
working scratch copy and much will be changed! I am still working on
them. If any of these people belong in your family, let me know what
vital information you know about them so that it might simplify the
guessing at half erased or deteriorated stones. I find that I need to
put the pictures away for a while every few days to be able to see
better what is written, or to make better guesses as to which letters
I am seeing. Please be patient. I am doing the best I can with some
very worn out stones.

The epitaphs are written in Hebrew, German and Latvian [only one stone].

Martha Lev-Zion, Israel

Photos of Talsen

country view =3D no number, 1.

1A. =3D Ha ishah
marat ette
bat Menachem
----- ...tar-shimon
niftar yom yod bet

3. =3D illegible----
Avraham cohen
son of ya'akov hacohen
niftar yod gimel marcheshvan

4. Lieberthal

5. Ha-isha Sheina
daughter of Ezriel
died 14 Tevet
year illegible

6. Reb. Kalbi s[on] [of] R[eb]
Yosef Ha-Levi died
caf zayin of the month of Shvat
in the year taf resh daled

6a: Ha-isha Leah
daughter of rebi Yehud
Died the yod daled tevet
taf resh eiyin tet

7. L'zecher [Hebrew illegible]
=2E...[german] Born Schmahmann
died 17 tevet
in the year 5639 =3D 12 January 1879

7a- Ha-isha tama v'yeshar
Mrs. Biela daughter of Mr. B[..]hm
Died 20 m[onth] menachem av
in the year taf resh //nun? gimel? aleph

[illegible except for words here and there. It is a poem]

=2E..He was an honest man...

Yosef son of Eliyahu

=2E..good and was buried ...

26 Cheshvan taf resh lamed"aleph =3D 10 Nov 1871

9. The one who sits above called you to his dwelling
before you attained your sixty years.
Your soul went out and returned to it's machon
[...] death came also to you
Here your wife, your sons and your daughters voice
hearty/kind to the teller will call
bitter will cry also your childhood friends
Together their lamentations will be heard

He went to his world and out went his spirit
harabani Ya'akov son of Yosef KALLMEYER, d[ied] a[nd] b[uried]
on Wednesday, eight days into the month of Shvat taf resh lamed"gimel

Yankel Israel Kallmeyer
died 8 schwat 5633=3D 5 Feb 1873

9a. Isha tamah v'yishara
Sarah bat s[hel] r[eb] Ephraim
Wife of Ya'akov [...] Kallmeyer
nif[tarah] ....

10 =3D Here lie our dear parents whose memories will not fade >from our
hearts. Our father Mr. Dov son of Mr. Naphtali HERTZBERG who was born
taf koof tzadeh daled [1831] and died 11 Nisan in the year taf resh
eyin aleph =3D9 April 1911

And our mother Hene daughter of Yehuda Lieb HERTZBERG of the
HIRSHBERG family was born in Kislev taf resh tet zayin [1857] and
died 6 Adar bet, taf resh eiyin gimel =3D 15 March 1913

10a An honoured man [illegible] [illegible]
did works of righteousness -------
from your money many hands were supported
--------- like David ben Chaim BERGER or BERNER
died b'yomei olamo yom bet, resh peh"chaf, 46 b'yamei chaiyav
b'shanat taf resh mem"tet =3D 1889

11 =3D [German] Moses Behr HUMMEL b. 1843, d. 19 Dec 1918

12 =3D Eliezer ben Ari HaCohen BRENNER died 24 Adar, 70 years old
taf resh samech tet =3D 17 March 1909

In german: [illegible] Leiser Brenner

12 a =3D ? VERY HARD TO READ - Ish tom [v'yeshar]
Shimon ben reb Elch[nan?] ha-Cohen
Died 20 Tevet [year illegible]

13 =3D Our good and dear father
r' Shariya ben r'Yehuda ZALKINDER
born in the year taf resh tet [1840] and d[ied]
three days into the month of
Shvat in the year taf resh peh gimel =3D20 January 1923

13a Ha Isha ha chasuvah
v' ha yekarah isha
v'roah h' marat
Chana Zlata bat
died 19 Adar in the year taf resh eiyin aleph =3D 19 March 1911

14 =3D All Hebrew illegible - stone broken -
Beile H[...l?...] died 26 July [year illegible]

14a Latvian: Kalman PRESS -
leader of the Talsen Revolutionary Committee 1919
1885-1919, 18 March

15 German: Bere BEHRMANN died. 30 May 1923;
Braine BEHRMANN died [?] 10 .Ma[?]

15a Hebrew: Eshet Chail [illegible]
Rachel daughter of Yosef HaCohen
[last name illegible] died [illegible] tet zayin Menachem Av
[year is illegible]
German: Rachel NEUHAUS
n=E9e MALACH b. 1856 d. 1919

16. German : Ida JERUCHMANOW died [illegible] [? 1814?]

17. Hebrew: Harabinit
Miriam bat Shlomo Kalman [or Zalman]
died 27[?] Iyar taf resh tzadeh vov =3D 19 May 1936

18 [very poor legibility]
Ish ..... Hillel[?] r' Yehudah Lieb ben r' [illgible] Ahrenson[?]
who died 4 b'pessach aged 49 years
in the year taf resh mem =3D 30 March1880

19. German: Our mother
Hebrew: A faultless and honest woman
mother of many, a house wife
Mrs. Chaya daughter of r'
Avraham Abba Oppenheim
Died aged 74, 7 Adar
aleph, in the year taf resh chaf bet =3D 7 Feb 1862

20. [Hebrew]
An old lady, faultless and ho[nest]
a special and generous spirit
Mrs. Esther, daughter of
Eliezer FRIEDMAN died
24 Adar bet taf resh chaf bet =3D 26 March 1882

21. [Hebrew]
Chaim son of A[illegible] L=F6wensohn
Died 20 Kislev taf resh tet =3D5 December 1862
Born 1884, died 5 Dec [rest illegible]

Chaim Hirsch TOW
Died 1905
Zion in spirit
and pure Chaim
Zvi s[on of] r'
Yehoshua Shmuel
TOW died
63 years old
on the 5th day
of Iyar
in the year taf resh samech hey =3D 10 May 1905

23. [German] [double stone]
Here rests in God
our grandmother
died 21 days in
the month of
Cheshvan 1904
[30 October 1904]

Here rests in God
our [?] father
died 29 days in Adar
[29 March 1930]

24. [German]
Here rests
our beloved mother
Bass Scheine GL=DCCKMANN
Died on 5 November 1908

25. [Hebrew]

A modest woman
Mrs.Tzipora daughter of r'
Eliyahu and Louer[?]
RIDFEL[?] DIDFEL[?] RIDPEH[?] [very unclear] Tzdikah
[to be completed]

26. [German]
born 1826, died 7 Aug 1908

born 1832, died 28 Dec 1906

27. [Hebrew]

An honest and faultless man
Yair[?] Yitzchak son of r'
at the age of 23 years old
9 Kislev taf resh eiyin aleph =3D 10 December 1910

28. Our dear father our teacher
Yishshiyahu son of r' Avraham
Died 15 Marcheshvan
in the year taf resh eiyin bet =3D 6 November 1911

29. [Hebrew]

illegible except for letters here and there

30. [Hebrew]
Here shall rest an old God fearing
and respected man, Mr.
Yosef Chaim son of r'
who was collected to his people on
the 2nd day of the month of Cheshvan
in the year taf resh sin zayin in his
5 and 80th year of his life.=3D 21 October 1906

31 [Hebrew]
=2E... Chaim son of r'
Baruch Kerger [?]
died at a good old age
1 Iyar in the year
taf resh nun zayin =3D 3 May 1897
82 years of the days of his life.

32. A modest and god fearing woman
and a charming heart
Mrs. Devorah daughter of r' Ze'ev
wife of Chaim BERGEL[?]
died Friday 8 Tamuz in the year
taf resh nun mem =3D 27 June1890
in the 23rd year of her life.

34. [Hebrew]
Our dear father
an honest and faultless man
b.m.r. r' Avraham
son of r. Dov
died in the fullness of years
aged 83 years
on the first day of Shvat in the year
taf resh samech hey l'p.k. =3D 7 January1905
Abraham Hummel
died 24 December 1904 [Julian calendar]

Tuvia ben r' Shmuel
Lakchu b'tzel kanafei hashechina

36. [Hebrew]

Very hard to read


wife of

An honest and God fearing man
the respected old man
Zvi son of r'Avraham died
19 Kislev in the year taf resh samech =3D 21 December 1899.

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