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Below is information pertinent to the Talsen search

Here is an excerpt >from a diary of someone's 1999 trip to Talsen:

What we found in the register office was very interesting though somewhat
disappointing. The registrar told us that Talsi was "full of Thalbergs" -
though she seems to have meant dead ones as there are no more - but she did
not recognise the name Sebba or Zebba. She said that in 1993 at the time of
"denationalisation" many people had come to Talsi to claim property and she
had made a list of Jewish family names - but she didn't know where she had
put it. She thought she might find it again. What she did have was the record
of Jewish births, deaths and marriages >from one parish - Valdemarpils - >from
1890 - 1921, all bound together in one book. The pages were filled in in
Russian on one side (with some witnesses' signatures in German) and Hebrew on
the other. She said she did not have the corresponding records >from any
other parts of Talsi district because they were in Hebrew only and there was
no one who could read them - don't know if this meant they were simply lying
in a box of "unclassified" documents or whether they had been archived
somewhere else.
Further notes say:
Here's the name and address of the Talsi registrar:
Ieva Ratniece
Brivibas Iela 9.-12
Talsi LV-3201

Tel. 1-32 24323

I think 32 is the code for
Talsi and 24323 is the local number. That could be her home number - she
wrote it by hand on a printed piece of paper

Louise Hayden-Hajdenberg

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