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It sounds like Martha, my cousin, has the information I have about Bendet
Weinberg. I interviewed Ted Himelhoch's wife, Pat, who told me that her
husband's mother's father was Bendet Weinberg. Anna Weinberg was the name of Ted's
mother. Bendit, she said, had six children at home. If you are interested, I
could call Pat again to see if she knows anything more about this family. Anna
had a sister Judith who also married into the Himelhoch family, as Martha
mentioned. Pat seems to know a bit about her as well, of course, as about her
mother-in- law.
Where did you read that wonderful memoir about Sasmaken with the man with
sausage fingers and the hot tempered red beards? all the best and forgive
me for taking so long to answer your first email about Yente Weinberg
Himmelhoch. I did not have information for you although I know that her brother was
Benjamin Iser Weinberg and their father was Louis Levy Weinberg.. Yente was
born in 1836 and Benjamin was born in 1847. Please let me know what you find out
and especially the websites for letters and memoirs. thanks! Jean Shaffer

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