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In regards to Goldstein's question. It depends. If you go way back to 1267,
the Cours (a Baltic tribe) were conquered by the Germans (knights of Livonia)
and ceased to exist as a separate people. "Courland" basically became part of
the lands ruled by the Livonian Order. That included those parts of
Lithuania that included Leckava, Laizuva, etc. (My mother, Gitel Lurie, was born in
Laizuva and my grandfather Abraham Lurie (ben Tzivi) is buried in Leckava). For
the next 300 years the area was basically ruled by the Knights until Ivan the
Terrible of Russia defeated the knights in 1561. The area, even though called
the Duchy of Courland, largely independent, then owed its allegiance to
Poland. In 1795 the land north of the river that forms Lecava's northern border was
"swallowed up by Russia".
My grandfather, Abraham Lurie, was a Rabbi who made his living as a
teacher and a shochet. In 1897 he moved his family (including my mother and
five of her brothers) across the river >from Laizuva (about 6 or 7 miles east of
Lecava) to Vainode, about 10 miles away, but in Latvia. He did not have
permission of the Latvian police to move there >from Laizuva (which is across the
border in Lithuainia) and I have some very interesting police reports >from 19ll
about his petitions to the governor of Kurzeme (Courland) to stay in Vainode.
Which he did until 1915 during World War I when, in the face of the German
Army's advance, the Russian government moved all the Jews >from that area to the
Harold Arkoff

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