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On his Petition for Naturalization, my cousin once removed Dr. Martin Klein
stated that he was born in Intau, Latvia on 16 Jan 1890. Can anyone tell me
where Intau is and if its name has changed?

I have tried to find the city in the Sthetl finder and via Dogpile and
Google without success.

I wonder whether "Intau" is "Mitau" transposed and the "M" changed to an
"N." When did Mitau become Jelgava?

Martin's mother was born in Hamburg, but her father and grandfather came
from Mitau. He practiced medicine in Berlin, served as a Doctor in World War
I, and came to New York in 1936, briefly returning to Hamburg to help move
the remains of my great grandfather to Ohlsdorf when Hitler announced he
would destroy the Grindel cemetery in 1937.

Sonia Nayle
Woodland Hills, CA

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