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Dear Barbara,

I have recently discovered that my maternal great-grandmother's family, who
came >from Linkuva, had family in Bausk, specifically, her brother, by the
name of Micah Gottlieb. Two of the daughters were Tzivya [Celia] and Marie.
Marie had a daughter who married and went to Uruguay, and I met her
granddaughter in 1959, when she married and came to South Africa. This week
I discovered that that family is still in Johannesburg, and I spoke to her
43 year old son. Celia came to the USA, and married a Slott. Her son,
Irving, is in Bethesda, Maryland, and I am now in contact with him. My
great-grandmother was Chaya Malka Gottlieb and married Avram Goodgal, all of
Linkuva. The entire family moved to Johannesburg between 1898 and 1907.

Do you have any connection to the Gottliebs of Bausk? Is there anyone in the
Bausk/Courland SIG who knows more of this family?


David Crook,

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