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Julian Peerutin <jushilli@...>


I would like to get some ideas on how to go about searching for family
in Moscow. I have recently found out that some members of the family
(the BERGERs) were exiled >from Goldingen to Russia in 1915. The
information I have is that other family members (LEVINSOHNs) visited
Bernhard BERGER (one of the sons) in Moscow on route back to Latvia from
their exile in Orechov, Ukraine in 1922. The story goes that this was
the first time she saw a flush toilet. What I would like to know is how
to find these BERGERs in Moscow? I know the parents died between 1915
and 1920 - probably in Russia and I also know the names of 5 of the 6
children. Could it be possible that they immigrated to Israel or
somewhere else? How do I find out?


Julian Peerutin
Kfar Saba, Israel

CINDEL/TSINDEL (Kupiskis, Lithuania; South Africa) DIAMOND/DIAMANT
(Siluva, Lithuania; South Africa) DRUKER (Latvia; South Africa)
GOLDBERG/MORRIS (Glasgow, Scotland; South Africa; Poland) HIRSCHSOHN
(Kuldiga, Latvia; South Africa) KALMEK/KALMENOVICH (Lithuania; Latvia;
South Africa) LEVENBERG/LOEWENBURG (Kuldiga, Latvia; South Africa) LEVIN
(Rokiskis/Kupiskis, Lithuania; South Africa) LEVINSOHN/LEVINSON
(Kuldiga, Latvia; South Africa) LEVIS (Glasgow, Scotland; Poland)
MANDELSTAM/MENDELSHTAM (Kuldiga, Latvia; South Africa) MYERS (Glasgow,
Scotland) NEIMAN/NYMAN (Glasgow, Scotland; England; South Africa;
Poland; Australia) PEERUTIN/PIRUTIN (Kraslava, Latvia; Belarus; South
Africa) PENN (Latvia; South Africa) PICK/PINK/PEEK (Birz, Lithuania;
South Africa) SARFINOWITZ/SHARFANOVICH (Kupiskis, Lithuania)
WELLER/VEYLER (Kupiskis/Linkuva, Lithuania; South Africa)

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