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Some questions have been asked about our website
<> and when we are going to post the
registration form and program. The short answer is by the middle of
The program committee is evaluating an enormous number of very
excellent papers that have been proposed. We promised to get this job
done by the end of January. Since proposals are still coming in, even
though the deadline was the end of December, we extended our own
deadline by a number of weeks. Believe me when I tell you that the
program will be positively outstanding. We have so many excellent
proposals - more than twice the number we can possibly have presented
- that we are going to be able to pick and chose only the absolute
Hotel rates are already posted on our website - [direct link: ]
I think you will be more than happy with the inexpensive rates we
have arranged. And don't forget that those rates include all service
charges and taxes as well as our famous, gigantic Israeli breakfast!!
[For myself, that is all I can manage to eat in a day!] The rates per
adult person in a double room are - are you ready for this? - between
$40 and $48. For sure it would cost you more just to stay at home! So
come to our magnificent and unique city of Jerusalem, which was one
of the official seven wonders of the world!
Our Conference is not only going to be outstanding as far as Archival
cooperation and input, but it is probably going to be the best
conference in terms of quality and breadth that the IAJGS has ever
had. We have prepared several databases which we have put on CDs and
which will be given free to full paying registrants. These include:
--The Memorials of Vanished Communities (the very first cataloging of
Israeli memorials of the Jewish Communities destroyed during the
--1875 Montifiore Census of the Jewish Population of Eretz Israel;
--Helkat Mehokek (Translation of Hebrew tombstone inscriptions found on
Mount of Olives);
--An Index to the Jacobi Collection of Family Trees;
--Sephardic and Mizrachi Genealogical Research in Israel;
--Index of Family and Private Archives at the Central Archives for the
History of the Jewish People (a collections of private and family
--A guide to the Archives and Archival Material for Genealogical Use in
and more!
If you have any questions, join our online discussion group
"Jerusalem 2004 Discussion Group" for which you can register >from our
home page: <>.
We look forward to hearing >from you and to seeing you in Jerusalem
July 4 to 9, 2004!
Martha Lev-Zion
The 24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
July 4-9, 2004

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