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I am interested in collecting more information about Kurlanders that
settled in Michigan - particularly the small towns around Saginaw and
Bay City - in the late 19th century. So far, I have found two small
articles in "Michigan Jewish History" magazine, and a brief mention in
Judith Cantor's "Jews in Michigan". If anyone knows of any other
published information, please let me know.

ALSO, I would very much like to hear >from those of you who have Michigan
Kurlander connections. Specifically, I would like to know:
1. Name of immigrant relative, parents
2. Town and date of immigrant's birth
3. Approximate immigration date and the town or towns settled in.
4. Additional information - occupation, etc.

If I get enough response, I may start a webpage on the subject. It
would be very interesting to get a feel for the connections our
ancestors made when they came to this country.

Betsy Thal Gephart

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