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I'm searching for living descendences of my following relativs:

The merchant Alexander/Aron/ Natalovitsch HOL[L]ENDER/HOLLÄNDER (b. 1841 in
Jelgava/Mitau, d. Riga ? Son of Nathan Nathan HOLLÄNDER, b. 1808 [in Mitau
?]d. ?). Alexander ben Nathan HOLLÄNDER was married with Karoline/Kreine/
Isaakovna KEILMANN (b. 1844 in Riga; daughter of the career Isaak ben Feibus

KEILMANN and Jette Hinde COHN) on June 10, 1873 in Riga. >
Karoline KEILMANN was the youngest sister of my late great-greatgrandfather
the concillour of state and knight Philipp Isaakovitsch KEILMANN <.
Alexander and Karoline HOLLÄNDER had two living childs:

1.) Bertha/Pen/Alexandrovna Zinnemann, nee HOLLÄNDER (b. 1874 in Riga, d. ?
She was married with Judel Chamovitsch Zinnemann on 1890/92 in Riga.)

2.) Helena Alexandrovna HOLLÄNDER (b. ? in Riga, married ? d. ?)

If you're a gggrandchild of Bertha or Helena HOLLÄNDER or if you'r relatet
with the HOLLÄNDER family >from Jelgava/Mitau, please contact me, cause I'm
searching for more documents and photos of this part of my maternal family.

Robert Dupuis

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