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I'm searching for living relativs of the KRETSCHMANN (also spellt
KRECHMAN/KRETZSCHMANN/KRETSCHMER) family >from Mitau/Jelgava, Gub. Latvia.
One of my ancestors was the merchant of the second guild Benjamin (alias
Bernhard/Boris) Benzion Joseph KRETSCHMANN, who was married with Minne
Johanna WOLFSOHN. They had four children's: Jossel, Triene, Jette Hode and
Eduard, all born in Mitau. Eduard KRETSCHMANN was studing history on the
University of Dorpart, workd as a house teacher in Russia and til 1918/19 as
a journalist for the St. Petersbourg Tribun and for the St. Petersbourg
Telegraphen Agentur in St. Petersbourg. In Str. Petersbourg he was named:
Eduard Borisovich KRETSCHMER. If he was married and had children, I don't
know. His destiny and the destiny of his brother Jossel and his sister
Treine it isd unkown for my.
Jette/Hode/ (Henriette/Hode/) KRETSCHMANN was married in Riga in the year
1855 with the famous Dr. med. Philipp/Phoibus/Isaakowitsch KEILMANN. Both
were my ggrandparents. Henriette and Philipp KEILMANN had six children's:
Isidor/Isaak/ (b. 1856 in Riga, killed in the Ghetto of Riga in 1941/42. It
was my ggrandfather), Johanna/Hanna/, also called Olga (b. 1858 in Riga, d.
1919 in Riga), Lydea Lea (b. and d. 1863 in Riga), Alexandra (b. 1864., d.
1865 in Riga), Alexander (b. 1866 in Riga, d. 1919 in Stettin. He was oner
of the famous gynaegologist in the baltic region) and Victori Henriettta (b.
1868 and d. 1893 in Riga. She was married with the merchant David ben Motel
ISAKOWITZ. Victoria died by a kind bed fever, after the birth of her
daughter Lydia. Lydia and her father David ISAKOWITZ emmigrated in 1905 from
Riga to N.Y./USA. I know nothing about their destiny.).

If you'r descandant's of the KRETSCHMANN family >from Mitau of the merchant
and of David Motel ISAKOWITZ, please contact me.


Robert Dupuis

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