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Phyllis Kramer <phylliskramer1@...>

We're pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of
JewishGen's Success! Stories webzine. You can access these stories
from the "About Us" button on our homepage or by following this link:

Meredith Hoffman and Nancy Siegel have worked with the authors to edit
these stories of ancestor and family connections made through JewishGen --
the kinds of success stories we regularly read about on the JewishGen
mailing lists and discussion groups. This issue highlights the
international scope of JewishGen with contributors >from the UK, Poland,
Brazil, Canada, and the US.

Martin Cahn traced one line of his family back six generations, discovered
the synagogue built in 1836 due to the efforts of his great-great-great-
great-grandfather and, as a guest of honor, attended the ceremony
celebrating the renovation of the synagogue building.

Eliana Aizim learned the identity of family members in an old photo by
posting it on ViewMate, followed these leads through the JewishGen
Family Finder to find the grandson of her great-aunt pictured in the
photo, and then traveled to Israel for a joyful meeting with this newly
discovered branch of the family.

Karen Sanders found the names of her maternal great-grandparents on the
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry - Austria, received >from an
Austrian JewishGenner a photo of the tombstone that answered some
questions and posed new mysteries, and followed the trail that
ultimately revealed her family's origins and a previously unknown
living family member who had survived the war in a Siberian prison camp.

Debbie Rose posted her success story to the JewishGen Discussion Group
just last month. With the help of many Israeli JewishGenners, she found
a living cousin in Israel, 65 years after her family lost all contact
with the part of the family that remained in Ukraine. We republish her
account in Heard on the Lists.

We're sure you'll be inspired by these stories and we encourage you to
send Meredith and Nancy your own success stories for possible future
publication (their email address is
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG, Fla
VP, Education, JewishGen

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