Courland SIG #Courland #Latvia JewishGen Success! Stories - January edition #courland #latvia

Phyllis Kramer

We bring you three success stories that are sure to inspire. These
accounts bring us to Australia, South Africa, Israel, Poland, Germany,
Scotland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Austria, France, and more. You can
access these stories >from the "About Us" button on our website or by
following this link:

Eli Rabinowitz was named after his great-uncle who had tragically died
in an accident when he was a young man. That was all Eli knew, until a
connection made through JewishGen's Family Finder and an old 1920
school photo >from Poland given to him by his aunt prompted his journey
to solve the mystery of Moshe Rabinowitz.

Martin Tompa and Siva German connected via JewishGen's AustriaCzech
SIG mailing list when they discovered they were both researching the
Schueck family. By working together, they uncovered their common
great-great-grandparents and found the birth records of their

from our Archives, we bring you, again, a very moving story by Michael
Tobias, with Meredith Hoffman, about the reunion of cousins Moniek
Garber of Glasgow, Scotland, and Moshe Porat-Perelman of Kfar Saba,
Israel, who had last seen one another in the early spring of 1940.
They were joyously reunited, thanks to JewishGen, sixty-seven years
later, in 2007.

This issue was prepared by JewishGen volunteers -- Nancy Siegel, Editor
and our new Success! Stories Webmaster, Colin Mathias Justin. We hope
that you, too, will have success in your research using the abundant
resources of JewishGen and we encourage you to submit your own success
stories to us at: success@...

Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG, Florida
VP, Education & Special Projects, JewishGen, Inc.

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