Danzig/Gedansk SIG #Danzig #Gdansk #Germany #Poland Did my aunt lived in Danzig? #poland #danzig #gdansk #germany

orna neiderman

My father & his brothers was born in Bedzin / Poland between 1903-1913.
They moved to Miechow on 1918.
My father and one of his brother came to Israel 1934-1935, leaving their
parents and family, most of them were murdered in the Holocaust.
My father was so deeply sad and only told us that he had a sister name Roza
nee SZWAJCER born about 1903-1904, married to Ber SOLEWICZ having a young
child named Heneick.
During my research I heard that his sister and her new family lived in

I have no one to ask.
Have one of you any suggestion were can I look for?

Thank you

Orna Neiderman

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