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Micheline GUTMANN <m.gutmann@...>

What a good idea this new SIG!

I am sure my research is very difficult because I know quite nothing,
only the first name Hijman who arrived in Amsterdam probably already
married because no marriage has been found.

There he had at least 4 children: Emmanuel, Roosje, Michiel and Rejna
born between 1737 and 1754.

In some records he was called =93Dantziger=94 and in 1811, in Leiden,
the descendants of the two sons choose the name Van DANTZIG.

Is it possible to find a list of Jewish inhabitants in Dantzig at the
beginning of the 18th century?

Thank you for your answer(s)!

Micheline GUTMANN =A0m.gutmann@genami.org
Paris, France

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