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Don Jaffa <djaffa4a@...>

Dear Dave,

I am delighted to see that someone has had the time,
energy, and dedication, to make the trip. There are
two resources for genealogical research regarding
Danzig/Gdansk. The national Polish archives, which
are on the internet, and through which one can hire
researchers. On the other hand, the Mormon Church
(LDS) has already filmed all these records, and they
are on file in Salt Lake city. The Mormons have a
'Family History Center' at each of their temples all
over the world, and they are open to all. The staff
encourage each visitor, and assist in the research as
well as can be expected of non-professional
genealogical researchers. Each of the filmed records
are indexed and that index is available on the
internet as well, the only problem is that all the
records are either in polish, german, yiddish, hebrew,
russian or latin.. and in the handscript of the
17th/18th century.

Have a go.. Don Jaffa

--- Dave Koehne <yellow_mellow45@hotmail.com> wrote:

In 2004, I embarked on a trip to Gdansk in the hope of
finding at least some papers relating to my family.
We went on back to the synagogue, where we were met
by a local historian who explained that there were some
kind of records in Warsaw, which survived the Holocaust.

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