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Tamar Amit <tamar.amit@...>

Hello fellow researchers,

I have stumbled upon a "mystery" that you might be able to help me solve:

My great-grandparents the BECKER family owned a kosher butcher and
meat shop in Danzig >from about 1919 to 1934.
This data is based on stories by my grandmother Hilde (who left Danzig
illegally for Israel then Palestine in March 1939) and a recommendation
letter I have for her brother, Paul, written by Rabbi Dr. Weiss of the
Danzig Rabbinate and dated 7 February 1939.

The business ceased to exist in 1934 "after the changes in the political
situation of Danzig" according to the letter.

I also have addresses showing up consistently in business directories
up to and including the 1930 business directory for BECKER G. (Gustav),
Butcher at Ketterhagergasse #10. I do not know whether the address was
the business or the home or both.
I looked at the 1937-38 listing published at
and could not find a BECKER at that address (page 216 II Teil or image

I also have a last known address >from Arolsen data at Yad Vashem for
my Great grandmother at 1941: Mausegasse #9. Again, a search of the
1937-38 listing yielded no results (page 267 II Teil or image 803) for
BECKER Rachel-Rosa.

There are definite Jewish family names listed at both streets so I
ruled out the option that they were "Aryaneted" although the business
probably was back in 1934.

I would appreciate any research directions to find their whereabouts
between 1930 (last registered address) and 1941 when the ITS has the
last known address that I cannot verify...

Thanks in advance,
Tamar Amit

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