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I was connected by e-mail to another researcher who was born and spent his
childhood in Danzig. In response to my question about finding Jewish
information for the period >from the early and mid 1800's, he sent me the
following. I am copying it here with his permission.

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

Danzig however had at least already two Jewish communities during that
period. One was in the so-called area called Mattenbuden and was relatively
orthodox, the other was the main Danzig community, was larger and somewhat
more assimilated. I do not know whether pre-World War I Jewish records
comprised data >from both communities. I do believe that they had separate

The main Jewish cemetery in Danzig was almost destroyed by Polish insurgents
after World War II, tho' most local people in Danzig (Gdansk) today
attribute the destruction to the Nazis. The oldest section of this
cemetery, dating to the late 1700s and 1800s was not destroyed, because
graves were not marked by gravestones above the ground. People were buried
in what appears to be stone or cement graves, the tops of which are even
with the surface and contain Hebrew inscriptions, incl. names. Hence, they
were not destroyed by the insurgents.

Unfortunately, they are not readily accessible today >from the site that used
to be the later section of the cemetery which was destroyed. The way to
reach the section that survived is easiest >from an alternative street, but
most local people do not even know that. I mention all this because that
section might be the source for further interest by you. I do not know
whether there are records or lists of people buried there. I know even less
about the cemetery relating to the Mattenbude community, I do not know if
any of it survived.

He wrote an article on this topic which was printed in Zichron Note,
(Journal of the Jewish Genealogical Society of San Francisco) vol. XI, nr.
2, page 8, in the Summer of 1991.

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