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Logan J. Kleinwaks


Thanks very much for your work on the Danzig name adoption list. This
material should be of great use to Danzig researchers, and it sounds like
the essay about citizenship might be interesting content for our SIG website
(especially, if translated). You have also given us an important reminder
to always use the original source document, or as close to it as one can
find. Do you believe there would be a benefit in working >from what is at
the CAHJP, instead, or does it appear that the LBI version is complete and
completely legible?

If the extraction of this list were to be a Danzig SIG project, we would
need to first understand whether there were any publication restrictions
placed on it by the Leo Baeck Institute (or, possibly, by the CAHJP). Do
you know? If not, I would be glad to investigate.

If this is already established as a GerSIG project and GerSIG has received
any necessary permissions, then I would certainly encourage Danzig
researchers to help make this data available to all online.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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From: Roger Lustig [mailto:julierog@ix.netcom.com]
Subject: Re: [danzig] Where are early BDM records >from Danzig?

Here's an update on the name-adoption list(s). I visited the Leo Baeck
Institute in NYC yesterday and found that they have a much better
version of the list that was so poorly reproduced in LDS film 1184410.
It's in the Jacob Jacobsohn collection, a copy of a microfilm of the

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