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Roger: No volunteering at the moment. I think I misunderstood your
comment about the Koenigsburg census list. You said this now covers
most of the Jews in East Prussia. Are you saying that because many of
the Jews lived in Koenigsburg, or because this list actually covers
more of East Prussia than just Koenigsburg. My own interest in East
Prussia is mainly limited to the Jewish community of Allenstein. Any
RAPHAELSOHNs in your 1812 list?

Stephen Falk
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Here's an update on the name-adoption list(s). I visited the Leo Baeck
Institute in NYC yesterday and found that they have a much better
version of the list that was so poorly reproduced in LDS film 1184410.
It's in the Jacob Jacobsohn collection, a copy of a microfilm of the
... snip...

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