Danzig/Gedansk SIG #Danzig #Gdansk #Germany #Poland Searching for WEILE/WILL/COHN/BEER from Schoenlanke/Lundsberg/Insterburg/Konigsburg/Hammerstein #poland #danzig #gdansk #germany

Mark Lewis <mark@...>

Hello - I am trying to find out what I can about the following

c. 1800 Samuel Weile - Schoenlanka, East Prussia
1820? Schlochau
c. 1840? Lina Weile &=A0Jakob Beer - Hammerstein, nr Danzig
1871? Hedwig Beer &=A0Louis Will - Schoenlanka &=A0Lundsberg
1887-19?? Erna Will &=A0Erich Cohn - Insterburg
19??-1934 Erna Will &=A0Erich Cohn =A0- Konigsburg

The descendants came to London in 1938, but we now very little about
the lives of the family before then.

Any help, in terms to where I could start to even look for info would
be great.

Many thanks,
Mark Lewis

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