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Nolan Altman

JewishGen is proud to announce its 2014 year-end report for the
Memorial Plaques Project database. The MPP database can be accessed


The MPP database includes the data >from plaques and Yizkor lists >from
synagogue and other organizations. Many of these sources include
patronymic information.

This update adds approximately 15,000 new records and 11,000 new
photos >from 20 synagogues/organizations. The database now includes
more than 75,500 records >from the US, Israel Canada and Morocco.
These records come >from 111 different synagogues and other

We believe that the MPP is a good example of how users of JewishGen's
databases can "give back". If you are a member of a synagogue or
other organization with memorial plaques or Yizkor lists, please
consider helping us to grow this database. You can find more
information on submitting data at


If you have additional questions, please contact me directly.

This update includes US data sets >from California, Connecticut,
District of Columbia, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania,
South Carolina and Texas. Also included is a new data set >from
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Nolan Altman
JewishGen Acting VP for Data Acquisition
December, 2014

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