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Susana Leistner Bloch

We are pleased to welcome the following webpages to JewishGen KehilaLinks
We thank the owners and webmasters of these webpages for creating fitting
memorials to these Kehilot (Jewish Communities) and for providing a valuable
resource for future generations of their descendants:

Skalica (Segalitz, Szakolcza), Slovakia
Created by Yohanan Loeffler


Benedykivtsi (Benedike, Benedikovce), (S-C), Ukraine

Borzhava (Nagyborzsova, Vel'ka Borzava), (S-C), Ukraine

Chornoholova (Sohat, Cernohlava), (S-C), Ukraine

Dobryans'ke (Nyagova, Njagova), (S-C), Ukraine

Dyula (Szollosgyula , Selesd'ula), (S-C), Ukraine

Holiatyn (Tarfalu, Hol'atin), (S-C), Ukraine

Huklyvyy (Hukliva, Huklivy), (S-C), Ukraine

Irlyava (Ungsasfalva, Orlova), (S-C), Ukraine

Kherson (Cherson), Ukraine

Khust (Huszt, Chust), (S-C), Ukraine

Kovel (Kowel), Ukraine

Krasilov (Krasyliv), Ukraine

Kyblyary (Kobler, Kibral), (S-C), Ukraine

Loza (Fuzesmezo), (S-C), Ukraine

Luh (Kislonka), (S-C), Ukraine

Masontown, Pennsylvania, USA

Male Popovo (Papitanya, Gasparov dvor), (S-C), Ukraine

Monastyrets' (Monostor, Monastyr), (S-C), Ukraine

Nyzhniy Bystryy (Alsobisztra, Nizny Bystry), (S-C), Ukraine

Pryslip (Pereszlo, Prislop), (S-C), Ukraine

Radvanka (Radvancz, Radvanka), (S-C), Ukraine

Riga, Latvia

Ruska Mokra (Oroszmokra, Mokra Ruska), (S-C), Ukraine

Shalanky (Salank, Salanky), (S-C), Ukraine

Sil'tse (Beregkisfalud, Selce), (S-C), Ukraine

Tereblya (Talaborfalu, Terebla), (S-C), Ukraine

Ternove (Kokenyes, Ternovo), (S-C), Ukraine

Ust'-Chorna (Kiralymezo, Uzcorna), (S-C), Ukraine

Verkhniy Studenyy (Felsohidegpatak, Vysny Studeny), (S-C), Ukraine

Vil'khivka (Olyvos, Vlahovo), (S-C), Ukraine


Some of our Kehila webpages were created by people who are no longer able to
maintain them.
We thank them for their past efforts and wish
them luck on their future endeavors.
The following webpages are "orphaned" and are available for adoption.

Kamennyy Brod, Ukraine

GOOD NEWS! The following webpage was adopted:

Chisinau (Kishinev) (B), Moldova
Adopted by Ariel Parkansky

Dashev (Dashiev), Ukraine
Adopted by Bonnie Blish

If you wish to create a KehilaLinks webpage
please contact us at: < bloch@mts.net>.

NEED TECHNICAL HELP CREATING A WEBPAGE?: We have a team of dedicated
volunteer webpage designers who will help you create a webpage.

Wishing you a Sweet and Joyous Pessach

Susana Leistner Bloch, VP, KehilaLinks, JewishGen, Inc.
Barbara Ellman, KehilaLinks Technical Coordinator

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