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Logan Kleinwaks

Scans of Zoppot/Sopot civil records (not exclusively Jewish) for
approximately 1874-1914 are viewable on http://metryki.genbaza.pl .
They are not fully indexed, so you might need to browse through them
manually. The instructions for viewing them are very similar to those
for viewing scanned Danzig civil records that Rodney Eisfelder shared
in this guide on our website a few months ago:
http://www.jewishgen.org/danzig/findingaidcivil.php . However, where
the guide says to select 1609 Gdansk USC, instead scroll down and
select 2090 Sopot USC. Unlike Rodney's guide for the Danzig records,
there is no itemization of the contents of each volume of Zoppot
scans, which means that, even if you know the exact date of a vital
event, you still might have to browse quite a bit to find it.

The Zoppot scans have been partially indexed by the Pomeranian
Genealogical Association. I do not know what percentage of the
records have been indexed. To search the partial indices, visit the
links below and select "Sopot - USC" >from the drop-down menu next to
"Parafia / USC":

Births: http://www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/certificate/action/searchB/
Marriages: http://www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/certificate/action/searchM/
Deaths: http://www.ptg.gda.pl/index.php/certificate/action/searchD/

You can change the interface language to English by clicking the UK
flag at the top right, then re-visiting these links.

Matches are returned in tabular form with columns including the
Book/Ksiega (e.g., 2090/3), No. pictures/Nr zdjecia (e.g.,
10_2090_0_3_0008), and Entry/Nr aktu (e.g., 12). This is the
information you need to find a scan of the record on genbaza, which
you should do because records often include genealogical information
not in the index. In the preceding example, clicking on volume "3" on
genbaza, you will see a list of links to images including
10_2090_0_3_0008.jpg, and the match is record number 12 in that image.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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