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Logan J. Kleinwaks

This is a brief summary of Danzig documents that I recently examined
and, unless otherwise noted, photographed at the Geheimes Staatsarchiv
Preussischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin-Dahlem and AP Gdansk. I will
organize indexing of the genealogical content, pending permission, and
a full announcement should follow when indexing is complete. In the
meantime, in the absence of indexes, lookups are time-consuming, but I
am willing to look for information for anyone who has done volunteer
work for or donated to the Danzig SIG. Thanks very much to the
archivists for their assistance.

Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz

List of Jewish families in the Danzig suburbs, 1773, with names of
family members, relationships, ages, occupations, and some
relationships between families; related documents and lists, 1772-1803
(II. HA Abt. 9 LXVI Sekt. 1 Nr. 1). Note: We previously transcribed a
published list of merely the heads of households, at

List of schutzjuden and their families in the Danzig suburbs,
apparently recorded initially in 1776 and then updated through 1801,
with varying information that can include details about schutzbriefe
and concessions, ages or dates of birth, relationships between
different families, names of spouses, indications of death, and
occupations. Part of this has been available online for several years
from the Leo Baeck Institute in the Jacob Jacobson Collection
however note that the item online is missing part of Danzig and some
of the other towns in the same source entirely, and is in
black-and-white, making it harder to distinguish some writing from
different times. Note: Children's ages can be listed in two forms, in
years (e.g., 3) or as a date (e.g., 77), and it appears with high
consistency that the ages in years are as of 1776, while children
listed without ages were born after 1777, based on comparison with
other sources (for Danzig only, not other towns in this source). (I.
HA Rep. 104 IV C Nr. 236 a2)

General-Tabelle of the Danzig suburbs, 1801-1802, listing schutzjuden
with names of family members, ages, occupations, and some dates of
concessions (I. HA Rep. 104 IV C Nr. 179)

General-Tabelle of the Danzig suburbs, 1803, listing schutzjuden with
names of family members, ages, occupations, and some dates of
concessions (I. HA Rep. 104 IV C Nr. 110)

Concessions for marriages and children associated with the 1801-1802
General-Tabelle of the Danzig suburbs (I. HA Rep. 104 IV C Nr. 46)

Concessions for marriages and children associated with the 1803
General-Tabelle of the Danzig suburbs (I. HA Rep. 104 IV C Nr. 47)

List of Jews entitled to trade in the City of Danzig, 1801, and
obligated to pay silver to the Prussian State according to a 1797
regulation; related documents concerning silver payments by Danzig
Jews (II. HA Abt. 23 XXIX Nr. 6)

Lawsuit by Danzig Merchants' Guild against Gerson Naphtali for
unauthorized sale of spices to Jews, 1802 (I. HA Rep. 7B Nr. 5934,
formerly I. HA Rep. 7B Nr. 55 b 1 D 1 Fasz. 14)

Documents concerning the 1799 marriage in Koenigsberg of cantor
Salomon Mendel >from Koenigsberg and Guetel, daughter of Rabbi Naphtali
Abraham >from Danzig, including a German translation of the (absent)
ketubah (II. HA Abt. 7 II Nr. 4582)

Documents concerning the 1764 schutzbrief for Joachim Isaac from
Altschottland, settling in Koenigsberg, and attempts in 1785-1786 by
his grandson Heymann Henoch of Koenigsberg, son of the deceased Rachel
Joachim of Langfuhr, to get protection as "second son" (the first son
being Salomon Joachim of Koenigsberg). (II. HA Abt. 7 II 4603)

I also examined documents described as "Hochzeits- und Kindergelder
der Juden in Danzig, Allgemeines 1710-1801; Von den Juden in den
Staedten Danzig und Thorn zu zahlende Hochzeits- und Kindergelder
sowie Kalendergelder, Jan. - Febr. 1794, Juni-Aug. 1797, Febr. 1798,
Febr. 1800-April 1801" but did not photograph any as I did not see any
Jewish genealogical content (no names of individuals). (I. HA Rep. 76
alt V F Nr. 269)

Including the above, we now have census-like documents for 1773, 1776
(some updates through 1801), 1801-1802, 1803, 1809-1810 (notably
including the city, not only the suburbs), 1850-1879, 1880-1882, 1931,
1939, plus the residential registration cards 1843-1918, and various
membership lists (notably, 1814 surname adoption). Together with
vital records, this can provide a substantially continuous record of
the Jewish community well into the 18th century and might allow some
researchers to identify ancestors >from the 17th century. I am also
aware of two important Jewish censuses in Berlin covering the suburbs
for 1797-1806 and the city itself for 1797-1805, according to an
inventory description. These were my highest priority when I visited,
but the archives mistakenly delivered the wrong items and could not
retrieve these before I had to leave. I have also seen citations of
several pre-1773 lists, but their precise nature is unclear to me and
I am still investigating.

The value of these censuses can only be realized if we index them, of
course, and additional volunteers for transcription or proofreading
would be welcome.

AP Gdansk

List of 152 Jews who became citizens of Danzig during 1920-1932, with
names, birth dates and places, date of citizenship, citizenship file
number, and total number of people (spouse and children? these people
are not named) (https://szukajwarchiwach.pl/10/14/0/4/5945)

Administrative documents concerning the Danzig Jewish Community,
1855-1920, only a few concerning named individuals, but many
signatures on the statutes of the unified community, 1883-1884, have
not examined carefully (https://szukajwarchiwach.pl/10/7/0/7/133)

Statutes of the Zoppot Jewish Community, 1913-1914; there were other
administrative documents >from Zoppot that I did not photograph

I was only able to visit the Gdansk archives very briefly, but hope to
have more time in the future.

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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