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Bennett Greenspan <bcg@...>

Hi Gary

I understand your question and think that it needs to be brought up and

Hair is not a good media for DNA testing becuase we wash it and bleach
it in the process.

Dr. Hammer has told me that both bones and teeth can be used as an
alternative to cell scrapings.

Bennett Greenspan FTDNA Houston

At 02:47 PM 05/21/2000 -0400, Gary Maher wrote:
Please allow me to begin the first controversy on this list. I'd better
state that I intend this to be purely hypothetical and scientific, and
that I do NOT have my shovel at the ready!

HYPOTHETICALLY, could a sample be collected >from someone who is dead
and buried for inclusion in the database? If so, would it have to be
a cheek scraping or would some other sample suffice?

Please note that I am not advocating desecration of cemeteries!! I'm
just curious. Although I suppose if a hair could be tested, and someone
has a lock of their grandmother's hair somewhere, this could be
practically useful . . .
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