DNA Research #DNA genomic DNA and / or mitochondrial DNA? #dna

Dr. Reuben Baumal <reuben.baumal@...>

In addition to preparing genomic DNA >from the buccal smear, which allows
you to assess the 11Y chromosome markers that provide information about
patrilineal descent and whether one is a Kohen, do you also prepare
mitochondrial DNA >from the same buccal smear, which would provide
information about matrilineal descent? Are both of these types of DNA
prepared routinely >from each buccal smear or does one have to ask for
this to be done? If both are done, is the price still $219 (American
funds)? If both of these types of DNA are prepared, are 2 profiles
released to the database-one showing the profile for patrilineal
descent and the other showing the profile for matrilineal descent?

Reuben Baumal
Toronto, Canada

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