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This should be easy to answer:

We want to determine whether a descendant of Faiva Uberstein of Gorodok is
related to a descendant of Lazar Elia Uberstine of Gorodok.

Faiva's descendant is male, and so is Lazar's.
The $219 fee will determine if they are related.
Will it also confirm that Lazar's descendant is a HaKohen? We have the
hands on his uncle's and his grandfather's tombstone.

So my questions are:
(1) Will the $219 fee answer both questions?

(2a) Does it matter the line for Faiva's descendant went from
Faiva to his daughter to her son and then to his son?

(2b) Would it be better if the line went 100% through males?
Say, Faiva to Harris to Max to Morris?

(3) Would it "gum up the works" if the grandmother of Faiva's descendant
had married a non-Jewish person?

Thank you.
Susan M. Rogers
CousinsPlus Family History Web Page Design Center
New York, NY

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Subject: not why, the "Y" chromosome, but who

This question is not why the "Y" chromosome but who?
The Law states Aaron is the brother of Moses, as in "blood" brother. The
Law also states before Num: 8 that Moses is of the clan of Merari, Aaron
the clan of Kohath not forgetting the clan of Gershon, having as their
tribal patriarch Levi, the third son of Jacob, the patriarch of the 12
tribes. As I understand it, currently "XX" and "YX" are female and male
that the "Y" chromosome represents the missing rib of Adam, created by the
male "white" substance and the female "red" substance. Therefore, if the
priestly line, that is to say the first-born males of the families of the
clan of Kohath has this "Y" marker, we can infer that Levi, his brothers,
Jacob and back to Adam also had this "Y" marker. Is the current DNA
taking into account that, Adam is recorded in the Law as being the first
with "this" missing rib, that it, this "Y" chromosome was and is still
passed down succeeding blood related generations as a distinct racial
passed down in the blood lines and not in philosophical or religious
thoughts and beliefs?

Is it possible that the presence of this "Y" marker in 10% of the tested
Jewish population, the presence of this marker in over 50% of those Jews
who's oral traditions connect them to the clan of Kohath are both direct
blood descendants of not just the priestly line but of all the tribes
are Israel and that this "Y" marker which is not found in others is
connected to the prophecy , "I will make you a nation of priests"? That
rest of the Jewish male population are not blood descendents of "Israel"
(Jacob), but are the descendants of those that entered the blood families
adoptees or by way of marriage or by way of living amongst our ancestors
becoming religious proselytes?
Truely Ushua ben Mushi,clan of Merari,tribe of Levi
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