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The hair issue is SO important because of the difficulty in getting the
funds for the tests.
If the hair can be readied, then after my lifetime -- when the $438 of
money (hopefully) would be obtained -- the family could test the two vital
individuals (between whom establishing a relationship would be so very

We know you have a cheek swab kit. How about the hair?

Susan M. Rogers smrogers@...

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Hi. Are you able to test DNA-containing material, as opposed to cheek
In other words, say I have a letter >from someone or a lock of hair, and
person is long dead .... do you or will you offer testing of the DNA on
portion that was licked? I realize that there are contamination problems,
but assuming the DNA isn't too degraded, couldnt you get an idea of how
contaminated it is, i.e. whether it comes >from a single source, or from
multiple sources?

Andrew Scheinman

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