Transports to Treblinka - Hermine SCHIFFMANN & Fanny BIACH #austria-czech


Randy Schoenberg wrote: " I sent the following query to
institute@..., in case anyone on the list knows another way to get

My great-grandfather Siegmund ZEISL was supposedly deported
with Transport IV/4 >from Wien to Terezin on 15/07/1942, and then deported
with Transport Bp >from Terezin to Treblinka on 21/09/1942.

Is it possible to obtain copies of the records (transport
lists) that identify my great-grandfather as being on these transports?"

My great-aunt Hermine {nee KOHN/KERNER} SCHIFFMANN and her first cousin
Fanny {nee BIACH} LEWALD [born London - teaching English in Vienna] were also
apparently on the transports to Treblinka >from Theresienstadt just
two days before - ie 19 September 1942.

All I can imagine is that the railway timetable permitted transports to Treblinka
at that period or that they had "spare capacity" at Treblinka but were overloaded

I have written POTs for both of them. By the time Siegmund, arrived Hermine and
Fanny and countless others were already dead. I have not taken
this any further. I often wonder if these elderly people ever arrived
there alive. It does not bear thinking about. Let us remember them all
here today.

Were there any known survivors of Treblinka?

Celia Male - London, U.K.

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