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Hi Andrew

I think you are asking something that is a stretch. I suppose that the FBI
does this if they needed to track a terrorist, but what we offer are tests
that need to be repetitive, cookie cutter type, tests so we can keep the
costs down. Since most people have cousins who are direct descendents of
these people who have passed away, we can get DNA samples in that way.

In cases where cousins are not available some people have suggested DNA
analysis >from teeth or bones, both of which would work, and the up charge
would be pretty minimal for those alternative DNA specimens.

Bennett Greenspan FTDNA Houston

At 03:43 PM 08/02/2000 -0400, you wrote:
Hi. Are you able to test DNA-containing material, as opposed to cheek swabs?
In other words, say I have a letter >from someone or a lock of hair, and
person is long dead .... do you or will you offer testing of the DNA on the
portion that was licked? I realize that there are contamination problems,
but assuming the DNA isn't too degraded, couldnt you get an idea of how
contaminated it is, i.e. whether it comes >from a single source, or from
multiple sources?

Andrew Scheinman

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