Vienna City Councillor {Moritz Nowak} and the Austria Brunnen in Ottakring. #austria-czech


Robert Fraser asked about the fountain in Ottakring Neulerchenfelderstrasse: "My
great-grandfather Moritz NOWAK was a Councilor of Vienna City Council. The story
also says that he had responsibility for water supply. I am attempting to verify
(or not!) this fact. In 1898, he presided at the opening of a fine water fountain
with a statue of 'Austria' and the Kaiser's portrait as part of the latter's
jubilee. I have a photo of the fountain on Neulerchenfelderstrasse in the
suburb of Ottakring. Sadly the fountain no longer exists - it was probably bombed
in WW2."

I would consult the Ottakringer Bezirks Museum:
Bezirksmuseum Ottakring
16., Richard-Wagner-Platz 19b
Telefon: 4000 / 161 27
Fax: 491 96/ 991 61 11

Also read about the architect Anton ZAGORSKI - whose work on the water
system in Ottakring led to the building of the monumental "Austria

1888: Austria-Brunnen, Wien 16, Neulerchenfelder Strasse (with sculptor Hans
SCHERPE; no longer in existence)

I would also contact the Architekturzentrum and the Wiener Stadt und
Landesarchiv [they must have listings of councillors].

Once we know the exact dates it should be possible to find
contemporary newspaper reports - Moritz Nowak may be mentioned as a dignitary
present at the opening ceremony.

Celia Male - London, U.K.

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