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Ursulla Kulla <ursulla59@...>

Do you have any information about Myeloproliferative disorders? Questioning
Essential Thrombocythemia. I have been tested for this (as well as vWD1),
and have not done any DNA testing. Right now this is all I can take...BM Bx,
Phlebs, etc. My family background that we had written down is: (going
backwards) America, East Germany (Silesia), Old Hungary (Serbia now) &
Bulgaria,and Turkey. My maiden name is Kulla (Kula) and the family came >from
these towns. I have a heavy Jewish background on my fathers side and some
what on mothers. I have read that there is a group in Northern Israel that
might have ET. ?? Would appreciate any and all information. Technical
information is no problem to understand (in Medical profession). Thanks

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