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Thanks, Condrad Johansson and all. I have a question, though.
If Bulgarians and Karelians are Turkic or Ural/Altaic peoples, and Turkish
genes, according to Cavelli-Sforza's "History and Geography of Human Genes,"
group or cluster together with Iranian genes, with no differences between
the two that are perceptable, and Bulgaria was the ancient country of Thrace
settled by Greeks, Romans, and Scythians >from Georgia (Caucasus Mountains
inhabitants)....before Turks migrated there in early medieval times....what
does that all boil down to as far as origins? According to www.khazaria.com,
many Khazars became Jewish around 865 AD and intermarried with Jews >from
Byzantium and Greece, Crimea, etc. who lived in the area known as Khazaria
before the nomadic Khazarians came there >from the Caspian Sea area and north
of the Volga....perhaps we need to examine the haplotype.

With haplotype "H" and mutations on 182, 356, and 362, the databases say an
origin 20,000 years ago in Spain and France with migrations after the end of
the ice age north to Scandinavia, Britain, and to the Alps and finally, the
Urals....This mutation according to Macaulay, is found in people in England,
Spain, Austria, and Bulgaria.

There was a vast expansion of "H" haplotype >from W. Europe and the
Mediterranean basin to the Urals and to Northern Europe approximately 12,000
years ago. Could possible the women >from Karelia have married the men >from
Byzantium and the children converted? Just wondering....The genome is quite
extensive. Fascinating!

The family still has red hair, blue eyes and mostly blonde or light brown
haired, green-eyed people, so I wonder where that came from, and I heard
Khazars were "fennel-Nordics" that is red-haired Asiatics >from the Caspian
who originally were nomads centered in Daghestan after leaving the Caspian
thousands of years before and settling at Sarkel and Itil in Daghestan
around 400 AD. Conversions began around 865 AD, and the empire broke up in
the 10th century, with Khazars migrating to Romania, Ukraine, some Polish
cities, Hungary, and Transylvania.

I'd like to find out whether any genetic links to Khazars have been examined
to see how many match the Khazar cluster, or is it true almost all Turkic
peoples genes cluster together with Iranian genes? They don't match with
Mongol genes either. Any clues?

Sumerian genes, non Semitic, but pre-Indo European have an origin in the
Zagros mountains. They fled south to escape the Indo European speaking
peoples migrations into the area between Iraq and Iran where the Zagros mts.
are. The language has slight affinities with N. Caucasian languages such as
Adyghe and Shopsug. (Circassian).
So, any clues to databases where you can match your mutations to ethnic
groups according to the three little red letter "C"s on your mtDNA printout?
There's one at Whitehead Institute, I hear, but are any open to the public's
viewing online?

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