Seeking help confirming the parents of Henry HYAMS (d. 1852 New Orleans) & Mordecai HYAMS (d. 1817 Charleston) are Hannah & Isaac HYAMS. #usa

Lynn Fusinato

My first inkling that the HYAMS family tree presented in Malcohm
Stern's "First American Jewish Families" might be incorrect concerning
the parentage of Henry HYAMS (d. 1852 New Orleans) was where James W.
Hagy's book "This Happy Land ..." indicated that Hannah HYAMS was
probably the mother or mother-in-law of Henry HYAMS' wife Judith. This
piqued my interest and I determined to look into why Hagy wrote that.

After obtaining copies >from the SC State Archives Miscellaneous
Records Collection of the two Charleston SC documents Hagy referenced
that were involved in Henry's giving Sole Trader rights to his wife
Judith in 1821, I found on reading the first document that Hannah
HYAMS, who was transferring the inventory of her business on King
Street to Judith HYAMS, was explicitly identified as the mother-in-law
of Judith and that Hannah was also named as the wife of Isaac HYAMS.
The second document entered in the record book immediately after the
first document was an indenture made between Henry HYAMS and Solomon
HYAMS where Henry HYAMS gave Sole Trader rights to his wife Judith
HYAMS. Solomon HYAMS was to act as trustee of the inventory
transferred to Judith by "Hannah HYAMS, mother of Henry," and Henry
agreed to give up any claim he might have to that inventory. This
second document referred to the first document and both documents were
witnessed by the same two witnesses on the same day. While neither of
these documents explicitly identify Isaac as the father of Henry
HYAMS, they do tend to suggest that Hannah's husband was more likely
Henry's father than Solomon HYAMS, who was named in the second
document only as the trustee for Judith's property.

Being a descendent of Elias C. POLOCK and Adeline HYAMS (daughter of
Henry and Judith), I also obtained a copy of the 1845 Marriage
Supplement contract between Adeline HYAMS and Elias POLOCK that is on
microfilm at the SC State Archives. This copy of the contract is an
English language version of the contract created at the same time the
original Hebrew document was written and the English version was filed
with the city after the Hebrew document had been signed while the
bride received the Hebrew version. When I read that Marriage Supple
ment contract, I found that the bride Adeline HYAMS was referred to as
the daughter of "Tzebee son of Isaac (Harry HYAMS)" which more
explicitly indicates that Henry's father was named Isaac, not Solomon
HYAMS. "Tzebee" apparently was the Hebrew name for Henry used in
religious services and documents and in such cases "Tzebee son of
Isaac" was his full name.

On examining the 1820 Census for Charleston, SC, the enumerated data
indicates that there was a young woman (age 26-44), a boy under 10 and
two girls under 10 living with Henry Hyams in addition to his wife and
two known children born before 1820. As Mordecai HYAMS' obituary of
1817 indicated he was survived by a wife and three young children, the
1820 census data is suggestive that Mordecai's wife and three children
likely were living with Henry HYAMS' family at the time of the census.
At some members have posted a page of an Alien Enemies
document (War of 1812) for South Carolina that lists both Henry HYAMS
and Mordecai HYAMS as being age 21, both having lived in the US for 2
years, both residing in Charleston, both being shopkeepers, and both
wanting to become US citizens. It seems odd that their information on
this document page was so identical. However, the 1820 Census record
and the 1812 record concerning English aliens in South Carolina
together suggest that it is likely Henry and Mordecai were full
brothers and thus both sons of Hannah and Isaac HYAMS and both likely
having immigrated to the US around 1810 >from London (which would be an
odd time for the sons of Solomon Hyams to immigrate, considering that
Solomon had been living in Charleston since at least 1790).

Henry HYAMS did not name a son Solomon but he did name a son Isaac,
likely for his father, and a son Mordecai, likely for his brother and
a son Henry, likely for himself. His eldest son was named Samuel M.
HYAMS and I believe that son was named for Judith's father who very
likely was the Samuel MYERS, who was listed as a tailor in the
Charleston City directories for the years >from 1790, 1794, 1796, 1801,
1802, 1803, 1806, 1807, 1809 and 1813. Before the next Charleston City
directory was published for year 1816, Samuel MYERS was dead, having
died in 1815. Samuel's daughter Isabella MYERS married Solomon MOSES
Jr. of Charleston in 1816. In the 1850 Census for Charleston, SC,
Mordecai HYAMS, son of Henry and Judith, was living with the family of
Solomon and Isabella MOSES in Charleston, as was a ten year old girl
named Rebecca MYERS, likely a niece of Isabella.

I would appreciate any help in gathering more evidence showing that
Hannah and Isaac HYAMS were the parents of Henry and Mordecai HYAMS
and that Solomon HYAMS was not their father.

Lynn Fusinato of Richardson, TX genealogygone@...

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