DNA Research #DNA English-Spanish-Finnish-Okinawan relatives? #dna

howard sachs <hfsachs@...>

Supplementing my "Helena" report on Sept. 4, after
fumbling with internet educational material it would
seem possible that prehistoric migrations would
"relate" my matrilineal ancestor with Ryukyuans, Finns
& Catalonians. Oxford tells me they have my
exact match in England, but only one in more than
18,000 tests. To make genealogical sense out of that
perhaps the English resident had ancestry in Central
Europe. But to explain my more exotic
suppositions, I advise that my variance >from the H
haplogroup standard is in numbers 16213 (where I have
an A) and 16216 (where I have a G). If I understand
the "Mitochondrial DNA Concordance" of "HVR1
Substitutions" the first of these variances shows up
in Okinawa and the second in Finland and Spain.
Although these people would be extraordinarily remote
from me, because the sum total of their tests is
dramatically different >from mine, it is my impression
that any slight match could indicate prehistoric
relationships. Or is this nothing more than saying
that the entire species came out of Africa? Perhaps
an expert will set me straight.

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