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<< I am confused about something. According to the FAQ people were asked if
were Cohanim, Levites or Israel. What I don't understand is if Levites are
descended >from Moses, and Cohanim >from Aaron, since they were brothers
wouldn't all Cohanim really be Levites? Is there is a distinctive gene for
Levites? >>

==And Levi was one of twelve brothers, and Jacob had a brother Esau and Isaac
had a brother Ishmael. So all the people descended >from the Semites/the
Middle East should have the same genes.

One of the realities is that the Kohen line was scrupulously preserved and
controlled. There was no such stringent control over Levites. Some, in fact,
hold that non-Levites were recruited to the Levite office at the time of the
restoration of the Temple, because of the iandequate number of Levite
returnees >from Babylonian exile to fulfill the duties in the temple. (Unlike
the Cohanim, who lived off their special perks of office and had no other
trade, the Levites--teachers, scribes, musicians, singers--could support
themselves well in exile.

As I recall, the researchers of the original work on Kohanim repeated their
studies on Levi'im and found three separate genetic strains predominating
among these, which is compatible with the theory of non-Levite recruitment

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