DNA Research #DNA Re: Need Books/Articles w/ basics #dna

Elzbieta Kniaz

On 2005.11.08, Gary Maher <garymaher@juno.com> wrote:

The tests most commonly conducted for genealogical purposes are the
Y-DNA and mtDNA.
The Y-DNA test examines certain portions of the Y Chromosome, which
men inherit >from their fathers. [...]
The mtDNA test focuses on sections of the Mitochondrial DNA. Men
and women inherit Mitochondrial DNA >from their mothers with no
interference >from their fathers [...]
I also had a Jewish father and Gentile mother. If the Y-DNA test is
for the male only side and the mtDNA test deals with the males and
females on the mother's side, how do I get tested for my father's
DNA? I am a female two XX chromasomes, no brother or other male
relative on my fathers side. Mother a gentile.

How do I get DNA information >from my fathers side? My father died
in 1962.

Ela Kniaz - England

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